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There when you can’t be

AI-powered technology for 24/7 remote patient monitoring, enabling more efficient and comprehensive care.

Care Mate

The 'Continuous Data’ Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

A continuous stream of critical data 24/7/365 enabling a new level of care.

Regardless of the number of patients you are caring for, CareMate tracks the health status and informs you which patients need attention.
Communication Hub
CareMate tracks the movement of the patient, how much time they are in each room, and if there are any abnormalities needing attention.
Mobile App
The mobile app provides great comfort to family members, letting them know their loved one is doing well.

Enabling the best remote patient care for home care agencies, home health agencies, assisted care facilities, and telemedicine teams

Keep track and alert to health changes for patients. Using wearable sensor technology to record key vitals, activities and fall detection, CareMate lets caregivers check in from anywhere and gives families peace of mind that their loved one is ok.


A platform delivering the
future of remote patient

A platform delivering the
future of remote patient

  • Movement patterns
  • Fall detection
  • Respiration
  • Heart rate
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Skin temperature
External devices

Frame 117-1
Body temperature

Blood pressure monitoring


Oxygen saturation


Stay connected

With continuous monitoring and real-time data, CareMate can catch and alert you to potential changes in health based on trending data. Seniors get the care they need, caregivers can be more effective, and families can stay connected.

risk Detect Falls and other health risks
scanSpot and treat medical issues sooner
effectiveAssure caregiver effectiveness
teamIncrease the bandwidth of your care team
longerAllow seniors to live independently longer

Dynamic Dashboard Enabling
Unlimited Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Patients are monitored and scored on a continual basis. Those with potential
problems are raised to the top to drive attention for priority care.

Dynamic Dashboard Enabling
Unlimited Real-Time Patient Monitoring

Patients are monitored and scored on a continual basis. Those with potential
problems are raised to the top to drive attention for priority care.

Intelligent 24/7/365 monitoring
to help identify trends over time

Early warning analysis
detect problems and dynamically move patients to the top

Increased problem awareness
helps to provide superior care to more patients at a time

Dashboard interface

Sensor fusion
artificial intelligence and machine learning force-multiply data value

Trend analysis
enables identification of problems before they happen

Open architecture
enables rapid spin-up of new measurements and applications


Intelligent wearable sensor technology

Intelligent, yet simple. CareMate is powered by AI and machine learning, yet designed to be simple for the end user. The device is so comfortable, most patients forget they’re wearing it.


scan24/7 monitoring
batteryRechargeable battery
riskReal-time alerts
setupEasy to set-up and use
reportsDaily reporting
appSmartphone app for families
From a family member of a wearer in an Assisted Living Facility:
“My Dad’s CareMate sensor came to the rescue in a big way yesterday once again.  As I was about ready to sit down for lunch I received a text message.  When I opened the message it was a CareMate alert that my Dad may have fallen.  So I left immediately and went to my Dad’s apartment.  When I arrived he was on the floor and both a chair and his walker had been knocked on their sides. He had hit the back of his head when he fell and there was some blood on the carpet and kitchen floor.  I arrived at his apartment about 12:38 PM which was about 10 minutes after he had fell.  I had assumed his caregiver was going to be there as he was scheduled to arrive at 12:30 PM.  Much to my consternation, he was a no show.  Had I not been alerted of my Dad’s fall, my Dad could have been lying on the floor for several hours before someone comes to his room to take him to dinner.   My Dad wears an alert device that was given to him by the assisted living facility and wears it around his neck.  But as has happened in the past when he has fallen, he forgets to push the call button for help. Except for a mildly swollen right hand, my Dad thankfully seems to be OK despite the fall.  I’ve been watching him closely given that he is on a blood thinner and hit his head. But once again, the CareMate remote monitor was a real Godsend!”
From a Concierge care physician:
“We may not have lost a patient if we had CareMate 3 weeks ago”
(Referencing a patient that fell and didn’t get immediate care.)
From a family member of a wearer in an Assisted Living Faciliy:
“Last Tuesday night as I was about ready to go to bed, I took a look at my Dad’s monitor. It showed that while he had gone to bed around 7:30 PM he had been up from 9:15 to 10:30 PM. So I got dressed and drove over to his apartment to check on him. When I arrived he was fully dressed and sitting in the living room. He was confused and thought it was early in the morning. He said he was waiting to go out with some of the other residents to the weekly breakfast that he had signed up for. I subsequently helped him back to bed.”
From a family member of a wearer in a SNF:
“Happy Friday, Cindy. Just wanted to thank you again for sharing with me Alex’s observations of my Dad’s data.  I shared it with my Dad’s cardiologist and in short order he got back to me stating that the strip looks like aFib.  The good news though he said was that his heart rate appears to be well controlled on his meds.  Regardless, he submitted an order for my Dad to have a 12 lead ECG and said he’d call me to talk about the pros and cons of the two choices we have moving forward to address his aFib”.


How Real-Time Continuous Remote Monitoring can Assist Health Care Providers in Saving Lives

Download here

Four case-studies that demonstrate how CareMate enables Agencies to differentiate through a higher level of care.