How Reusable Patient Monitoring Devices Support Healthcare

As all facets of the healthcare industry look to incorporate remote monitoring to improve the...

As all facets of the healthcare industry look to incorporate remote monitoring to improve the quality of care and provide the necessary support to overburdened workers, the questions of affordability and feasibility have risen to the forefront.

The recent addition of CPT codes covering both devices and the data those devices collect has many leaders considering the ROI of remote monitoring. As the most expensive aspect of a remote monitoring initiative, disposable, one-time-use devices that are not rechargeable and cannot be used on multiple patients sink most ROI models. The cost of investing in a new device every seven days or even for every patient is prohibitive and the return, even over months or possibly years of collected data, does not outweigh the investment in the devices.

Rechargeable, reusable, long-lasting devices that require only simple sanitization steps before being ready to use on another individual provides the greatest ROI and make implementing a remote monitoring initiative not only feasible but profitable.

CareMate is a Reusable, Rechargeable Solution to Remote Monitoring

The CareMate Sensor easily moves from one individual to the next. Simply clean the device using commonly available agents and apply it to the body. Reassign the device from within the CareMate Dashboard or Mobile application, and that's it, the device is ready to go.

This essential aspect of the CareMate device allows facilities and home care agencies to implement a profit center within their existing infrastructure. Residents, clients, and families gain the peace of mind of 24/7 monitoring. For healthcare teams, the burden of collecting vital statistics is eliminated, allowing more time for patient interaction and faster response time when an urgent need arises.

Each CareMate solution is available for a one-time fee and includes everything needed to begin remotely monitoring a single individual. Included in this price is access to the CareMate mobile application, which allows caregivers and family members to access monitored data and receive alerts at specified events, such as drop-in heart rate or when a fall is detected.

For a small monthly fee, facilities gain access to CareMateCloud Services – a robust and comprehensive data management system that allows organizations to view data for multiple wearers at a single glance. Data sorts to place the most urgent needs at the top of the list. Users can customize alert thresholds, receive a daily report that reveals trends, and configure wearer profiles.

CareMateCloud Services was developed on CareMate's neural network, which allows for the capture and analysis of data from all Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices. Individuals and caregivers can choose to see glucose, blood pressure, weight, and any other data in comparison to the vital statistic data captured by the CareMate Sensor. 

Create a new profit center, improve quality of care, and support your healthcare teams like never before by implementing a remote monitoring program backed by CareMate. 

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