How Remote Patient Monitoring Helps Seniors "Age My Way"

Older adults play vital, positive roles in our communities – as family members, friends, mentors,...

Older adults play vital, positive roles in our communities – as family members, friends, mentors, volunteers, civic leaders, members of the workforce, and more. Just as every person is unique, so too is how they age and how they choose to do it – and there is no “right” way. That’s why the theme for Older Americans Month (OAM) 2022 is Age My Way – a theme that is at the heart of CareMate's mission as a leader in advanced 'remote patient monitoring'.

Every May, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads the celebration of OAM. This year’s theme focuses on how older adults can age in their communities, living independently for as long as possible and participating in ways they choose.

CareMate is excited to celebrate OAM with our partners in the aging community – namely, home care agencies. As vital partners in supporting Older Americans as they Age My Way, CareMate provides home care agencies with a discreet, health monitoring solution to enable aging adults to maintain independence without sacrificing security or peace of mind.

The CareMate remote monitoring solution allows aging adults to remain in their homes and continue as active members of their communities even as some aspects of their health may begin to decline. The small CareMate sensor is worn on the skin and shares vital statistics with health care workers and loved ones. The CareMate sensor also sends real-time notifications when a fall is detected to minimize the risk of additional injury. As a wellness device, CareMate provides valuable insight to caregivers, family members, and wearers that can help guide decision-making, inform positive routines, and improve overall quality of life.

Deploying remote monitoring solutions is a modern, non-invasive way to provide aging adults with tools that support aging at home and minimize risk.

Diverse communities are strong communities. Ensuring that older adults remain involved and included in our communities for as long as possible benefits everyone. Please join CareMate in strengthening our community.

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