Answers to Your Top 3 CareMate Questions

When introducing a new product, a few questions seem to come up in every discussion. The answers to...

When introducing a new product, a few questions seem to come up in every discussion. The answers to those questions help new users understand how a product fits into their daily work and gauge how that product will or will not solve their current challenges.

In this article, we address your top three questions:

  1. Does CareMate require a prescription?

  2. How much does CareMate cost?

  3. How does CareMate work?

1. Does CareMate require a prescription?

Yes, CareMate does require a prescription and is only available through a healthcare facility. If you would like to use CareMate for yourself or a loved one, it must be obtained through your home health or home care team or a CareMate skilled nursing or aging adult care facility. This ensures that the data collected by CareMate is delivered to and reviewed by a qualified healthcare worker.

2. How much does CareMate cost?

Each CareMate solution is $299 and includes the CareMate Sensor Unit, CareMate Network Gateway, all necessary charging cords, three adhesive strips (for application of the Sensor), and two 3M Command®stips for mounting the Gateway.

Download the Definitive Guide to Remote Client Monitoring Devices

The CareMate mobile application gives on-the-go access to client data. This allows both caregivers in the field and loved ones to receive urgent alerts and check in on the client's tracked parameters. Access to the CareMate mobile application is included at no additional cost.

CareMateCloud Services is a solution that allows organizations to view data for multiple wearers at a single glance. Data sorts to place the most urgent needs at the top of the list. Users can customize alert thresholds, receive a daily report that reveals trends, and configure wearer profiles.

CareMate Cloud Services is $69 per month per client. Volume discounts are available. 

3. How does CareMate work?

The CareMate Sensor is an on-body solution worn on the client's torso. It is discreet, waterproof, and comfortable. The Sensor tracks heart rate, sleeping patterns, respiration, and other statistics. It also provides fall detection alerts and enables continuous health monitoring.

The collected data is transmitted to the cloud via the CareMate Network Gateway, installed in the wearer's home or facility room. If the client is not within the range of the Network Gateway, the collected data is stored and then transmitted when back in range.

Loved ones and caregivers can review the data via the CareMate mobile application. Facilities can also access the CareMate web-based dashboard for a more comprehensive look at tracked data and to access additional configuration options.

The CareMate Remote Monitoring solutions help control medical expenses by reducing hospital trips and enabling effective health oversight by a physician to reduce overall treatment costs. The solution also assists medical staff by providing real-time, continuous data to help providers prioritize cases and recognize declining health conditions.

CareMate is rechargeable, reusable, and can be transferred from one client to another to optimize return on investment.

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