3 Key Ways Home Health Care Agencies Can Increase Market Share

Home Health Care is an increasingly competitive marketplace. New providers are opening to meet a...

Home Health Care is an increasingly competitive marketplace. New providers are opening to meet a growing demand for services. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the population growth rate for older age groups (75+) from now to 2050 will continue to grow more than twice as rapidly as the total population. This means that more providers will seize the opportunity to deliver care, and families will have difficulty sorting through agencies.

Often, home health care services are provided and compared on a cost basis – how much does it cost for X number of hours in the home. This stark type of comparison makes it difficult for superior providers to stand out from the crowd. Winning new business in a competitive marketplace requires differentiation.  How will you make your home health care agency stand out from the crowd?

Continuous Care Monitoring

Step away from the strict "an hour in the home is an hour paid" structure by providing 24x7x365 remote patient monitoring. Deploying a remote monitoring solution does not take the place of in-home care. Instead, it augments it by giving care providers and loved ones a window into the client's activity levels and health when no one else at the home. Remote patient monitoring also provides emergency fall detection and alerts both loved ones and caregivers when clients begin to exhibit symptoms of illness or infection.

Substantiate the Need for More Hours

A key differentiator of superior home health care agencies is family communication. In most cases, families receive updates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This only changes when the caregiver notices a decline in the health or well-being of the client. When this occurs, the client may struggle to maintain some activities, such as cleaning or engaging in social activities outside the home. 

In this case, the agency may recommend additional in-home care hours to support the client's needs. As a remote patient monitoring solution, CareMate provides home health care agencies with the data needed to substantiate increasing hours.

CareMate provides real-time monitoring and stores data in its cloud-based NeuroNet, which examines the data using artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal trends and highlight health changes. This information provides caregivers and loved ones with reliable data on the client's health state.

Frequent Communication with Family

Providing frequent updates to the family can become a burden to caregivers struggling to maintain a connection with clients while in the home. Responding to emails, texting updates, and writing reports detract from the connection caregivers strive to have with clients while in the home.

Continuous remote patient monitoring through CareMate gives family members real-time access to their loved one's health conditions. More importantly, family members also receive a daily report that provides a 21-day rolling average of vital statistics, such as activity, heart rate, and temperature.

Continuous remote patient monitoring shows families that your caregivers are engaging with their clients and actively working to improve their life quality. When a caregiver is engaging with a client, natural physiological changes will occur – heart rate and activity levels will increase. If the caregiver ignores the client by playing on their phone or not making an effort to engage, there will be little to no physiological changes. 

Remote patient monitoring supports the observations, meal preparation, and companionship provided by in-home caregivers by providing additional health insight and verifiable evidence of the impact your services have on the client's well-being.

Deploying this type of solution demonstrates that your agency is passionate about pursuing the latest technology and delivering the highest care levels. It also shows that the agency is monitoring their clients and their caregivers and sets an expectation for superior care and engagement. 

Family members want to know that their loved ones are well cared for; they want to know that even though they cannot be there themselves, their mothers, fathers, and grandparents are not lonely, isolated, or suffering. Remote patient monitoring by CareMate provides that reassurance and allows home health care agencies to differentiate themselves from other providers that only offer traditional in-home monitoring.


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